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Nine ways to feed yourself during COVID-19 lockdown

Nine ways to feed yourself during COVID-19 lockdown

We’ve come up with lots of ways for Arvida residents to keep their fridges and pantries full during the Covid-19 lockdown. Some of them involve technology; others revolve around volunteer services, like New Zealand’s amazing student army.

1. Buddy-up with a shopper

If you want to avoid potential contact with the Covid-19 virus, find a family member/friend/buddy in the community who can do your supermarket shopping and deliver supplies to your village. This must be the same person each time. Alternatively, make use of New Zealand’s wonderful student army to assist with shopping. This is a nationwide service; volunteers can be requested through the Student Army website - www.sva.org.nz

2. Shop with Service Foods (Auckland only)

Service Foods is an online supermarket that delivers all over Auckland. You need to register as a customer before you can order. They have a full range of pantry and fresh items, including specials. There’s a minimum order of $50, with a delivery fee of $14 for $199 or less, and $9 for $200 or more.

3. Shop with Food Chain (Auckland and Hamilton)

Another online shopping option you probably don’t know about is Food Chain. Deliveries happen Monday to Saturday for Auckland and Monday to Friday for Hamilton. You need to register as a new customer before you can start shopping.

4. Order a Food box

If you’re a versatile cook, getting a Food Box of restaurant-quality food is an easy way to solve the challenge of shopping during Covid-19 lockdown. You can order boxes that feed from one to four people. Check delivery for your area before you order.

5. Order meals from the Food Company

Eliminate the need to cook with healthy, tasty meals from The Food Company. They have an Isolation Meal Pack of eight meals or you can order any of the meals on their menu.

6. Order meals from FED

FED can provide you with fresh and healthy, chef-prepared meals without the stress of food preparation. Use their As You Go service to order individual meals in two sizes – regular or ravenous.

7. Get a food kit and learn some new recipes

There’s never been a better time to jump on the food kit bandwagon. The recipes are delicious; they’re also really easy. Try the original My Food Bag or opt for one of the newcomers – Hello Fresh or Woop.

8. Shop at an online supermarket

New Zealand’s three biggest supermarket networks offer online shopping. Your choices are:

You can have your order delivered to your doorstep or you can choose ‘click and collect’, which allows you to collect your order from the nearest store.

Online shopping is very busy with the Covid-19 lockdown, so it might be difficult to book a delivery slot. Click and collect can be easier to arrange. If delivery is the best thing for you, Countdown has a priority service for those aged over 70 years.

9. Shop with Bidfood through Arvida (residents only)

Bidfood is a nationwide food supply business that usually services the hospitality sector. For the Covid-19 lockdown, Arvida has arranged for Bidfood to look after independent residents in our communities. To get a Bidfood order form for groceries and fresh ingredients, talk to your village manager or email residentshop@bidvest.co.nz. Delivery days are Wednesday and Friday. For the Wednesday deliveries which fall just after Easter Monday and Anzac Monday, orders should be made by midday on the Saturday.