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Lockdown has a silver lining in Arvida communities

Lockdown has a silver lining in Arvida communities

The grey cloud that arrived with the Covid-19 lockdown has a silver lining – the opportunity to invent mood-lifting activities that everyone can enjoy.

Right across the Arvida network, residents and village team members are finding new ways to communicate with family and friends, keep each other entertained and stay well.

On day one of lockdown, people living with dementia in their household at Aria Gardens in Albany cut loose with a Disco Fever karaoke session that involved singing, dancing and playing inflatable guitars. Aria Gardens also decorated their street entrance with Easter egg artwork and optimistic messages, to cheer up passers-by.

Click here for some disco fever.

At Arvida’s Park Lane community, resident writer Marlene Greening wrote a poem about Covid-19. It captures some of the fear that retirement village residents feel, but it also expresses the simple delight of enjoying time in the garden – something that so many Kiwis are appreciating right now.

Marlene Greening's Covid poem.

Communicating with friends and family who aren’t allowed to visit has become a priority for Arvida residents. Many of them have learned how to use Zoom for face-to-face meetings, even if they don’t have a laptop of their own. Every Arvida community has laptops available for residents to use for Zooming their loved ones. In this picture, Sheila from Arvida’s Park Lane community is catching up with her niece.

Here is a picture of Shelia zooming.

Others have taken a more old school approach with whiteboard messages that are photographed and sent to friends and family. These Ashwood Park residents are letting everyone know they’re having a good time and being well looked after.

Click here and here for some messages written by our Ashwood Park residents to their loved ones.

A birthday during lockdown led to the creation of an amazing toilet paper cake at Arvida’s Glenbrae community. This idea started out as a joke, but had a very glamorous outcome. The recipient of this exotic creation was tickled pink!

Here's an image of that rather unusual but fabulous cake.